Rock ‘n’ Roll Music.

The Good Side, formed by family and childhood friends, is a Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Nashville, TN. And not a transplanted, ”Nashville based band,” but a band actually from the Nashville area. Growing up, Kyle Blankenship (Vocals, Guitar, Piano) spent his teenage afternoon in a garage watching his close-in-age uncle, Kevin “Red” Blankenship (Drums, Vocals) rehearse with a grunge power trio. It was during these rehearsal sessions that Kyle realized his interest in Rock music, after spending most of his childhood playing piano and singing Motown, Gospel, and Country music. “Before that time period in my life, I had really only been introduced to Country, Oldies, Michael Jackson and Elton John,” says Kyle. But the sounds of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden that Kyle heard in that garage, and the hard hitting drums that his uncle Red provided left little doubt that his musical direction would soon expand. And luckily for Kyle, Red also loved R&B, Hip Hop, and his favorite artist, Prince. “I can’t overstate how much I’ve learned from Red,” says Kyle. “He taught me how to love all kinds of music.”

Tyler Bandy (Guitar, Vocals) and Kyle attended junior high & high school together. Tyler also grew up in a musical family, watching and learning from his older brother who played in Rock bands. Tyler is a rocker through & through, and lists Foo Fighters as one of his favorite bands. Kyle and Tyler began writing songs together at the age of 15, and began performing around their hometown the very next year. As things progressed, and once they finished high school, Red had become available for drumming, and the 3 of them began writing songs together. “Almost all of our songs start with an initial musical idea that Tyler comes up with,” says Kyle. “Tyler sparks most of them, then I’ll turn them into actual songs with melody and lyrics, then we all work together to turn them into our songs with parts and arrangements. It’s a good process that seems to work for us.”

The band was complete once fellow childhood friend of Kyle & Tyler, Jarrod Overby (Bass) was brought into the picture in 2009. Jarrod is a musical encyclopedia, and brings a wealth of knowledge to each and every song. The band’s debut EP, “Walk on the Moon” was released on February 27, 2009, with a sold out release show at one of Nashville’s premier Rock venues, 12th & Porter. Engineered & Produced by Chet Roberts (3 Doors Down), “Walk on the Moon“ is a great representation of the band’s early work, with 3 part harmonies, soulful melodies, grooving guitar and bass parts, and rocking drums. The band played 3 years worth of shows in support of the EP, opening for Grammy nominated Rock band Tonic, and Nashville’s Framing Hanley. The Good Side became known for their high energy live shows.

After taking some time off, The Good Side has a new album set to release in early 2019. The album (yet to be named) includes 11 brand new songs. Kyle explains, “We really tried to make it all about the songs this time around. We’ve all matured and grown up so much since the last time we recorded music together, and our approach was to just make a really good album, get it out there, and then we’ll decide what to do next.”

Kyle Blankenship – Vocals / Guitar / Piano


Jameson Tyler Bandy – Guitar / Vocals


Kevin “Red” Blankenship – Drums / Djembe / Vocals


Jarrod Overby – Bass / Vocals


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